Trident Weddings


Personalized and Unique. Just for you.


Believe it or not, a wedding entertainer is that one person, who spends more time with you and your guests rather than any of you other vendors. Hence, choosing the right wedding entertainment is extremely critical. 

We here are Trident, can help you create, craft and execute your wedding day exactly like you've envisioned. How? With our 6-Step process.

Initial Consult

This is the first time we get to sit down with you and your fiance and give you detailed orientation of our services, our signature options and how we can create and craft your wedding day around what you've envisioned! You get to pick and choose what you want include for your wedding with your entertainer.

Initial Planning

Now it's time to get down and start planning for the big day. This meeting happens 4-5 months out from your wedding day. We could also schedule it earlier if you'd like. During the meeting we'll design and decide on the programs for the evening and your song choices. We'll also provide you with a Timeline of the evening.

Final Meeting

This is our final meeting. This meeting is scheduled 3 weeks to 1 months prior to the wedding day. This meeting is to make sure if there is any final additions to the planners or songs choices.



After the initial consult, if you decided to go with Trident's unique services, we'll require a 40% deposit/retainer up-front to secure the date. This deposit lock you in with your date and entertainer. There are official paperwork which will be mailed out to you. Next up, we are ready to get started!!!!!!!!!

Creative Planning

This meeting happens 2-3 months before the wedding day. This is when we'll talk about the details of the evening and personalizing every single aspect of your celebrations. From little things like the "Kissing Of The Bride & Groom" to the Grand Introduction of you and your Bridal Party. Every little detail is taken care of.

Show Time

The big day is finally here! That day you've been patiently waiting and have been excited about. At this point, all you have to do is, to just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. We here Trident will take care of the rest.

"Its 3 weeks later and guests are still raving about how much fun they had."

- Julie & Jason Brown