Who We Are

Celebrating 9 amazing years in the business of entertainment, we are proud of how far we have come! 

Our Trident family of DJs, event hosts, Cinematographers and entertainment experts are renowned for our code of excellence, uncompromising integrity, and meticulous attention to detail. Where did it all start? 

Started when I was 17 years old and was making crappy music on my laptop. Which organically lead to the path of being a DJ. And I’ve never looked back since. Trident Music is where it all started. It has never felt like a job. Ever. And I’m very grateful for that. I joke with my staff all the time.. “We get paid to party with people. Name a profession better than that. I’ll wait!” 

Trident Music - Packed dance floors with guests of all ages, and smiles from wall to wall, is what it’s about for us. Personalized and unique entertainment experience. That’s our tagline because it’s all about personalization of every detail possible, to ensure that unique wedding visions are brought to life for the people who trust us with one of life's biggest moments.  We understand the importance of your celebration, and will create a stress-free entertainment experience that you will never forget.  From intimate local weddings to night life inspired ragers, our team of full time entertainment professionals utilize a unique and modern approach that will keep you and your event in the spotlight. 

As a team of savvy event architects, we are committed to creating visually stunning experiences with an old-school sophistication and a new-school edge. From world-class music entertainment to breathtaking lighting services, we will ensure your vision of a flawless event is brought to life. From the very first meeting to the moment your guests lay their eyes on the venue space, every event is an opportunity for us to incorporate impeccable design concepts. At our core, we are a culture of innovation and flair so no challenge is ever too big and no detail is insignificant. 

Trident Films - A division of Trident that at its core is about story telling. 2012, is when I saw a wedding film made somewhere on the internet about two people and I fell in love with how it was all put together. I had no idea who the couple was but at the end of the 6minute and 10seconds I felt as if I was part of their story. I thought to myself, we work with couples who are just as much in love. Why can’t we tell their story? So 5 years of research, learning and investment later, we started the division focused on weddings. 

Weddings personify originality and nostalgia. Being born in the generation that was raised on MTV, nothing makes me happier than for my couples to look back at their wedding as a music video rather than hours of footage from every second of the day. It’s the highlights we remember; and we try to capture the perfect medley of those moments on your special day.

When it comes to our wedding films, we strive to produce an honest, rad, and highly-edited film that captures not only the emotion from the day but the fun you have as well!

A videographer is someone that’s going to be with you all day capturing each unique moment as it happens. Your videographer should be able to make you feel at ease and comfortable. In addition, your videographer should know when and where to be at any instant.

Out team of 2 videographers love to interact with the couples on a personal level and not just be some wallflower with a camera. By the end of the day, they want you to feel like we’ve been friends for years! When we can come together like this, that’s when I  can capture those honest and real moments.

Since being in the wedding industry we know the nuances of every vendor involved, which is one of our biggest pluses. We love collaborating and know exactly how to work along side with your photographer (team work makes the dream work!).  We are always down to get weird and do something different and unique from the “norm”.  Every couple is different and a wedding film should represent that. 

I feel like the journey has just begun and I there is a lot more in the pipeline for us! We can’t  wait to explore the world of the entertainment and story telling. Thank you to everyone who has given us the opportunity to work with them. We are grateful beyond words. 

Here’s to the beginning. - Rhoni Co-Founder & DJ | Trident Music Inc. | Trident Films | Trident AV


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