9 Creative Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

If you and your future-spouse are brew aficionados, we come bearing good news—there are so many creative ways to serve beer at your wedding in fun, unexpected ways. Plus, your nearest and dearest won't be able to say no to a classy cold one rolled out in style. Unsure how to serve beer at a wedding without coming off as cliché or bawdy? Fear nor—from a tasting station with growlers of your favourite locally made beers to a rustic wood-wall-turned-seating-chart adorned with bottle opener favours, we rounded up some of the most creative ways to serve beer at your wedding cocktail hour or reception that are far from been there, done that. Think outside the bottle with these genius brew-serving ideas that prove beer is a wedding beverage staple that's here to stay (step aside, bubbly and signature cocktails). Bottoms up!


1. On Tap

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Give your cold ones a posh touch with an on-tap station and DIY beer bar, which will also glam up any venue instantly. Black and gold dispensers, pretty labels denoting each brew variety, and monogrammed beer glasses lend a formal, wedding-appropriate vibe to this interim bar. Who says beer can't be classy!?


2. Bottle Opener Decor

Photo by  Jose Villa , Planning by  Laurie Arons

Photo by Jose Villa, Planning by Laurie Arons

Incorporate your love of beer into your seating chart scheme with personal bottle openers attached to table assignments. Guests can crack open their own refreshing brews, and take their new drinking mechanism home as a favor that will definitely see its fair share of use post-wedding. Not to mention this rustic, beer-infused wooden wall makes for the perfect photo backdrop.


3. Beer Flights

No one can say no a mini beer flight, especially presented in this display, which features the original brew's bottle caps so guests know exactly what they're sipping.


4. Personalized Beer Coasters

Photo by Paul O'Reilly

Photo by Paul O'Reilly

ewlywed couple accessorized their cold ones with next-level coasters at their reception, featuring illustrations of the bride and groom in their wedding day get-ups. Miller High Life has never looked more chic atop these drink rests!


5. Decorative Growlers

Who says your libations can't also double as wedding day decor? Spruce up your space and serve your beer in style with full-to-the-brim growlers of your favorite craft beers. You can even set up "beer stations" with different varieties and a few empty glasses, so guests will be able to help themselves and pick their favorite(s).


6. Classy Kegs

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Although beer kegs tend to come with a bad rep, they can still be a cool addition to your reception. Keep them out in the open with a stock of mugs nearby, or create your own makeshift mobile bar to conceal the containers.


7. Wrapped in Style

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Give your brews a rustic-chic vibe while encased in custom paper bags, complete with your names, venue, and wedding date. Add a piece of yarn for the finishing touch. These beverages will be (almost) too cute to drink.


8. Mini Beers with Food

You're probably all over the finger food trend, but have you ever considered the drink equivalent? Go beyond plain old brews with mini shots of beer, served alongside tiny hamburgers (or your mini menu item of choice) on crisp white trays for a cocktail hour your guests won't stop gushing about.


9. Personalized Bottle Labels

Sure, any bride and groom can serve beers at their reception or cocktail hour and call it a day. Take it to the next level by treating friends and family to beer bottles decorated with your initials. Make sure you snag a few to save as keepsakes before they run out!


The above article was published on www.brides.com by Heather Lee and Blair Donovan